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The perfect Tee created for US, by US. 🤍🤎

Blk Women Can will be launching 3 OG Tees to introduce the collection on Thursday September 23, 2021. This collection was created with a big vision by the founder Raven Jayy. Cultivating this line to not only be high quality but to be purposeful.

To empower the Black Women in every aspect of life.

You don't have to be a successful one in a million story, but you simply must exist and embrace the skin God gave you. For every black woman who persevered anyhow despite the odds and the haters.

To the black mom who was told she could be anything because of having children young, you still Can.

To the black woman who was denied that corporate position because her appearance "didn't fit the culture of the business", you still Can.

To the black woman who is always overlooked in school to be one of the few black women in her field, you Can and you WILL.

This brand has a mission to empower all black women everywhere to be BOLD and be confident and to never second guess her abilities.

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