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More Than PINK! ๐Ÿ’–

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM ! Thank you God for covering her through 49 years of life and BEATING Breast Cancer! BLACK WOMEN CAN FIGHT CANCER!

The PINK Tee is not just some scheme to target individuals to make more money. The PINK Tee was created in honor of my very own Auntie Kim who is a Breast Cancer Survivor.

She came to me needing a t-shirt made for the Susan G. Komen "More than Pink" walk. I figured why not offer the shirt to more supporters of our fighters.

African- American women have the highest Breast Cancer mortality rates among other races of patients. As #BlkWomen who CAN, we CAN fight back and do our part to help other fighters.

Whether you are a current fighter or the loved one of a fighter, whether the battle was won or lost, we stand with YOU.

We support YOU.

Keep Fighting!

Every T-shirt sale will donate 20% of proceeds to the fundraiser of my Aunt's choice. If you'd simply like to donate without purchasing a tee, you may donate below!

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